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Magicool® is based on a unique technology which uses a combined process of refrigeration and evaporation. The spray contains coolants and purified water. When the spray is activated the coolants rapidly turn to gas, expand and disappear after absorbing the latent heat of transformation from the water and the surroundings. The fine ready-chilled water-based spray lands on the skin providing effective cooling, then slowly evaporates in warm weather to further cool the skin or surface and to provide a longer lasting cooling effect.

This together with other characteristics e.g. cooling is maintained without refrigeration, ease of application, non-flammability, safety,
non-creamy, micro-fine spray, ability to apply spray in any direction, anywhere on the body front or back, rapid coverage of large areas, coating evenly....etc makes Magicool® a most unique product and deserves it the title "A World's First"




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Mon Jun 02, 2008 10:51 pm 

"Hello Jayne,

Not at all. It gives off a lovely equal fine mist and it really is great. I would'nt be without it now for all the money in the world..Give it go luv. Katy xx"

"I love Magicool too. It is an amazing product that changed my life. I go everywhere with it" by Coral , 04, Jul 2009

"Well I have something I would like to share.for the past two years I've been using something called Magicool. It's absolutely amazing and works!"

"'s a bliss in hot weather...I have to agree that stuff is genius"

"If you were stranded on a desert island what would you take?

you can only have 5 things...
I would take: a fan, sun cream, lots of food, my ipod, some magicool (mmmm.....)"