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Synod Medical Centre

You will find ALL the Drug-free Therapeutic Sprays we offer including the highly sought after Magicool Variants:

  • Magicool® Plus Treats Pricky Heat, Itchy Skin and Sunburn (3 Variants-Instant Treatment)
  • Urticura® Adults- Instant Treatment for Hives & Rashes in Adults
  • Urticura® Children- Instant Treatment for Hives & Rashes in Children
  • NippleAid® Instantly Treats Nipple Pain due to Breastfeeding
  • EczemAid® Adults, Instantly Stops Itch & Pain related to Eczema
  • EczemAid® Child, Instantly Stops Itch & Pain related to Child Eczema
  • ShinglAid® Instantly Treats Severe Itch & Pain caused by Shingles
  • ClearItch® Instantly Stop Itch related to Chickenpox, Male Itch, Feminine Itch, Breast & Nipples Itch (4 Variants - Instant Treatment)
  • CoolEve® Instantly Treats Hot Flushes
  • ShaveAid® Treats Razor Burns, Rash & Itch in Men & Women (2 Variants)
  • PregnAid® Treats Inflammation/Swelling in Pregnancy
  • RecoverAid® Strokes: First Aid Spray for Stroke, Fainting, Fever Fits & Sudden Fatigue
  • RecoverAid® Allergy: First Aid Spray for Allergic Reactions, Shocks & Anaphylactic Reaction
  • ItchAid® Veterinary Itch Spray- Instantly Stops Mild to Severe Itch in dogs and horses