This is a small selection of the 100's of emails, letters we receive from satisfied customers each year. 100's more can be found on the internet chat rooms using search engines e.g. Google by entering “ Magicool ” or “ Magicool Plus ”. Original full text letters and emails are available on our files.

“My three children all suffer badly from Prickly Heat. I have used Magicool Plus for years and couldn't live without it as it is the only treatment that works for them. Yesterday I was delighted to find out from my doctor that all Magicool Plus range of sprays for Prickly Heat, Itchy Skin and Sunburn are now available on prescription on Drug Tariff Part 9, a huge plus from the NHS....."

Joanna Ford, IT Analyst, Ashford, Kent -14 June 2013

“I have just returned from a weeks holiday in Majorca .  I have suffered from prickly heat for the past 8 years when holidaying abroad.  This year, I took a can of Magicool plus which I purchased in my local Supermarket although I did not have any huge hopes of it being of benefit.  Day two of my holiday I noticed the tell tale sign of prickly heat in the usual areas on my legs and used the spray.  It had an immediate effect and quickly calmed down the heat and visibly the rash even reduced. I continued to use the spray throughout the holiday for the prickly heat which it continued to ease…..I would NOT go on holiday now without this product and now view it as a holiday essential. I thought it was superb . I wanted to let you know how much this helped me and how great a product this is and would be happy to testify this on your website.Thanks again.”

Anne McBride, Dumbarton, Scotland, age 43 - 16 July 2010

“I tried the Magicool Plus Prickly Heat spray for the 1st time and it was WONDERFUL !!! Took the sore itchiness away within a few minutes. SO THANK YOU!! I will definitely recommend it to friends and family ..” Phyllis Peach, Strathaven, Lanarkshire – 9 June 2010


“..Just wanted to say that 2 people (including me!) have had an itchy allergy rash today and tried Magicool Plus Itchy Skin – problem sorted immediately and we are very impressed.”

Judith MacKenzie, Trade-Co-ordination Executive, Watford , Herts -14 May 2008


“I would just like to congratulate and thank you for Magicool Prickly Heat . I have suffered from Prickly Heat since very early childhood and am now 46 and every year have suffered immensely.  I suffer from very  large areas of prickly heat which start of small and just spreads and spreads.  The heat, the itch, burning and irritation has just been so unbearable up until now.  Looking for any kind of relief on the internet and came across your advertisement for Magicool.  I bought some the next day and just like magic the uncontrollable itch, the burning and irritation just melted away.    What an in stan t relief and so reassuring that every time summer starts i know exactly what to head for. Thank you so much for this product”. Sharon Rowland (Mrs) - 5 July 2010


“I have recently been using your fantastic product Magicool Body/Face Cooler. I must say it is a GREAT ASSET to me… ..” Sgt Adam Slingsby – 28 April 2009


“ I am writing to thank you for producing Magicool Plus Itchy Skin …I have tried numerous products to help with intense itching…. Magicool Plus really helped. It really is lovely to be able to use something that gives me some relief ..”

J. Coles (Miss) - 14 Aug 2008


“A great BIG Thank-you. I just had to express my gratitude to your company for " Magicool + for Prickly Heat". I have suffered from PH for more than 30 years, and have tried every pill, lotion and potion, cream and even undergone UV treatment at hospital. I have had people stare and give me a wide berth because they misunderstood and

thought I had some awful skin disease. I have dreaded the months from April - September, even 5 minutes in the sun would cause my sensitive skin to flare up

and result in terrible itching and pain. Nothing has worked until today! I ordered your product through "Boots" the Chemist and tried it today and I can't believe it - IT WORKS!!!. Thank you so much.   Mrs Kim Baker - 5 July 2010


“I have been suffering from chronic urticaria for about 6 months and was at the end of my tether with the itching and pain caused by this condition. However, my husband came across your product Magicool Plus Itchy Skin whilst searching the internet last week and I am now on my third canister! I just had to contact you to let you know how fantastic I think your product is. I had tried every conceivable type of cream and lotion but nothing seemed to work – not even steroid creams – and in many cases cream seemed to give my skin a horrible cloying feeling afterwards which only made the itching worse. However, your product in stan tly cools the skin – stops the itching and even the pain afterwards becomes bearable; the fact that I can use it on broken skin and that it helps prevent infection is also such a boon. I am seeing a dermatologist at my local hospital next week and shall certainly be telling him/her about your product. Congratulations!”

Jan Patis, 15/11/07


“I would just like to write a letter saying a huge thank-you for producing the product Magicool Plus Prickly Heat. After suffering for at least 25 years with Prickly Heat ..after trying this product it has made my life in the summer much more bearable ….I have told everyone I know about this product …they are also amazed. I have tried almost everything advertised for prickly heat but nothing ever worked. Thank you again !”

Tracey Davies. Acrefair, Wrexham – 8 June 2010


“I'm currently on holiday in Paphos , Cyprus . It's pretty hot and your Magicool plus Prickly Heat seems to be about the only thing thats working for me . I was just wondering if you supply any of this product to Cyprus and if so where? as my can is nearly out and i'm desperate for some more. Thank you Very Much In Advance.” Greig Spicer – 22/9/09


Magicool serving Queen and Country- My friend's son is currently serving in Iraq with the army. Bearing in mind the very high temperatures and his request for a product to keep him cool my daughter and I sent him a parcel which included a  Magicool Hot Weather Cooling Spray. I thought you'd like to know how pleased he was to receive it. This is an extract from an email my daughter received from him -  ' I must say thanks for Magicool.  Awesome!  I am rationing myself as it works so well I only give myself a little blast and only when I am really dying.  I've had to hide it from my colleagues .' Many thanks.” Ann Downs -20/9/06


“Dear Sirs, Further to my recent telephone coversation, which I must say was most helpful! The gentleman I spoke to was superb and most helpful indeed.

I would just like to let you know how fantastic Magicool Plus Itchy Skin truly is . It is the only thing (and believe me I have tried everything on the market for my prickly heat! Creams, tablets, alternative medicines and treatments) that actually works! It really is remarkable how quick and effective the product is. The fact children can use it too is simply marvellous. Yours thankfully.” Miss S L Stembridge -16/7/08


“Dear Magic Cool Plus, We have just moved to Portugal and my wife came armed with 6 cans of MagiCool Plus for Prickly Heat... (this is the only thing that has ever worked) we have had friend come and visit and this is now the payment for coming to stay with us...  However the last person who came couldn't find any before leaving and we are now down to half a can. Can you tell me if there is anywhere in Portugal we can purchase the product..”

Nick Dunning -17/6/08


after years of sun allergy have just tried your product Magicool Plus Itchy Skin .  it is great .  do you have a handbag size or sample that i can carry around with me?  also do you have a sun cream in your range, many thanks.” Sue Clifford - 12/05/08


“We have just returned from our holiday and tried your product Magicool Plus Prickly Heat whilst there. The product was very good for my wife as she suffers with prickly heat.She used it whilst having suntan cream on and the effect was almost immediate, and she used with no cream and had the same effect. We have recommended your product to friends as we were very impressed with it. Thanks.” Dean Glover- 8/5/08


Magicool ‘Body Cooler & Freshener' a great product that does everything you say it will..” P.M. Clough, Shiremoor, Tyne & Wear 30/1/08


“I am writing to express my delight for your product. For over 10 years I have suffered with prickly heat whilst on holidays.   I have tried endless different "solutions" but none have ever worked and I con stan tly look like I have a nasty case of measles!!
I bought "
Magicool Plus " to try on a recent holiday to the Dominican Republic and it was amazing.  For an entire fortnight in blazing sun, I was prickle free.
I have recommended Magicool Plus to all the people I know who suffer with prickly heat and they have all tried it with success. I would like to thank you over and over again for bringing out a product that will allow me to enjoy my holiday, sitting in the sun without twitching and feeling like there are pins and needles in my skin.
Thankyou thankyou thankyou
.” Clare Cook, Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan 17/7/07

“Dear Magicool , i just want to say how great your products are i used some when i went away and found it to be brilliant i shall definitely get some more for my holiday in June this year i felt so strong i just wanted to pass my comments on to you i have told all my friends too so thanks again.” Amanda Tracey -1/6/07


“Dear Sir/Madam, I've recently come across your Magicool Plus Itchy Skin and have found it to be absolutely wonderful as a help towards my persistent body itching… Thank you”.

L.Coombes- 2/3/07


“Dear Magicool, I must say that so far Magicool Plus Itchy Skin is the most effective 'stop the itching' that I have found. It seems to stop it in its tracks and I am grateful that I have found it.   Many thanks, I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who is being driven literally mad with this itching problem.” Sam Thompson - 15/11/06


“I have found your product Magicool to be my Life Saviour…Thanking you”

Mrs Ward, Belvedere , Kent - 7/8/2006


“Hello, Mystery Shopper Company and I (Katie Bray) award you on THE BEST cooling spray of the year! Your spray is amazing we all love it. We have done our own research on it and 83% of the public agree . I hope you like the award .” Katie Bray (sponsored by Mystery Shopper) - 22/8/06


Magicool is Magic, I had to write to tell you what a God send your product is . I play golf and in the past have had to come off the course very unwell due to the heat.   Not any more .   Magicool is now the golfers' best friend .   All my fellow lady players now carry their can of Magicool as part of their summer accessory in their golf bags.   Many thanks for a wonderful product.

I recently was bitten 4 times by horse flies on one course I played.   To relieve the symptoms I sprayed Magicool Plus Itchy Skin on the bite areas and the end result was I did not even realise I had been bitten.  No swelling, nothing.   Once again many thanks.

S. Vickerman, A VERY GRATEFUL CUSTOMER - 19/7/06


“ I am a community responder for our local Ambulance Service. All I can say ….is “Thank you , Magicool Sharon Nall, Barnwell, Peterborough - 24/7/2006


“…Just to say thanks you for making the Magicool , it is brilliant, My husband and I enjoy using it. I tell my friends and family about it.”

Mrs S.E. Garratt, Dudley, West Midlands - 26 July 06

“…I bought MAGICOOL Plus Itchy Skin on Saturday and have already noticed a difference. I sprayed it on my arms and legs before going to bed and actually got through two nights without being woken by the itching! I will continue to use as necessary.”

Dorothy - 19/9/05


“ I have recently purchased a can of Magicool Spray which I am very impressed with.”

Mrs S. Green, Plympton, Plymouth -18/7/2006


“I am writing to praise your product Magicool . I found it fantastic in hot weather. It is amazing…” Mrs A.J. Gregory, Ashton , Wigan - 28 Aug 2006


“I would like thank you on your product MAGICOOL Plus ,my partner gets prickly heat + a rash ,every time we go on holidays ,for the last 10 years or so , but not this year ,thanks to MAGICOOL Plus . thank very much again.” on behalf of Ms Corrine Davies - 18/8/04


“I am so impressed with your product “ Magicool ” …This product does everything it says and more…Your product really works and I was so impressed, I have recommended it to everyone” Jan S. Hodgson, Chester le Street, Co. Durham -

30 August 2005


“The product Magicool is the best. The best in the world. I use it all the time when it is hot..An excellent product”. Luke McDonald, Sturton by Stow , Lincoln -29 June 05


“May I thank you for such an amazing product …on a school trip, 46 girls were listening to a tour guide, passing around the Magicool ! It is amazing how long a 200ml can last..Thank you from a Magicool fan. Melanie Holmes, Longney, Gloucester . 26/5/05


“Just wanted to say- LOVE the product !!! My friend took it on holiday and the fun we had spraying each other in the hot sun, it was great! When we returned we recommended the product to others and at a hot and stuffy 21st party another friend took a can and everybody was thrilled! I have photographic evidence of the experience which will be attached . Thanks Magicool I hope everyone uses it! Love” Laura-Jean, Swindell -18/9/05


“Dear Sir/Madam, Having seen your advert on TV a couple of nights ago I was rather skeptical if your product actually works. Having been baking in the sun most of the day I went to my local Tescos and whilst shopping noticed your product.

Anyway to cut a long storey short after walking my dog I thought I would give your spray a try and it Really Does Work . Unfortunately having telling friends and family about the spray and them wanting to try it I have very little left! So when I get a new tin, I think I'll hide it next time” Mark Taylor -13/7/05


“Praise - Can i just say your product is fabulous. I suffer really badly during the summer months as I find the heat unbearable but your product has made such a difference to my life. Thanks again!” Laura Markham Jones – 11 July 2005



“I am writing to sing praises of your product Magicool Plus……one squirt on my prickly heat and it was gone.” Georgina Show (Mrs) - 8 July 04


“Your spray is fab and I swear by it – thanks” Mrs C A Garton, Bitterne, Southampton - 13/5/04


“I have suffered from prickly heat rash for the last 16 years. It used to start half way through my holiday but this year on the first full day I could feel the first signs of it starting, however, on applying  'magicool plus' to the affected area it made a tremendous difference . T he upper part of my arms were back to normal and although it did start underneath my arms later in the week I feel that if I had not run out of magicool half way through the week it would not have been a problem. I must congratulate you on your brilliant new product.”

Mrs Wendy Mills, 10 August 2003


“I would just like to say THANK YOU for MAGICOOL ……… If I hadn't had the spray with me I don't' think I would have survived. Not only did it save me but I sprayed shop assi stan ts, policemen and a lady in Buckingham Palace that looked on the verge of collapse” .

Jill Shaw, Swinton, South Yorkshire – 3 Sept 2003


“I am writing to congratulate you on your excellent product Magicool …..It has proved invaluable in the heat. …..It is an excellent product.”

Miss Kathleen M. Capel, Mermondsey, London 14 August 2003


“I can't say how much I am impressed by the product. This is one of the best products in the market-no! this is the best product on the market for keeping cool…..My friends are now buying this too.”

A Mitchell, Stranraer, Wigtownshire , Scotland - 9/8/03


“Must say your product is a salvation in hot and sticky weather. I use it regularly.”.

Margaret E. Green 6 August 2003


“I have tested your Magicool over this last week and I must say I have found it MARVELLOUS..” Mrs Bales – 21 May 2003


 “ Magicool … I was amazed how I was in stan tly cooled” Sue Clarke, Calgary , Alberta , Canada 2 October 2002


  Magicool is great….May I take this chance to congratulate you on this product..”

Jeanette Chapman (Mrs) – 14 June 2002


“I am writing …to congratulate your staff for producing the wonderful ‘ Magicool ' Spray…Many thanks.” Sylvia M. Malone (Mrs), West Bradford , Lancs -30 Sept 2002


“Dear Magicool , Just like to take this opportunity to say a really big “Thank you” for your wonderful product. It really has been a Godsend to me……..Thank you so much for making my life a lot easier and comfortable at long last. It is really appreciated…Well Done. Miss Sally Gale, Bridport, Dorset - 26 July 2002


“Just to let you know. I bought your spray this Saturday and took it to a polo match. The team enjoyed the benefits of this product……. This product really does sell itself.”

Georgina Hales 15 July 2002


I would like to say how impressed I am with your product . I have used it on trips to the Far East and USA where the temperature and humidity has been very high, and the product has been extremely useful and does what it says – Cools in seconds. T Feltham (Miss), South Tankerton, Whitstable , Kent - 8/7/98


Magicool is fabulous in hot weather, a wonderful product . Miss S Powell, Stoke on Trent, Staffs - 31 July 1997


“My name is Teresa Burke and I'm a retail pharmacy manager in a pharmacy in Dulaoghire, Co Dublin, Ireland….. The customer is anxious to get some of Magicool Plus Itchy Skin spray as soon as possible as she finds it is the only product which works for her .” Teresa Burke, Dulaoghire, Co Dublin , Ireland – 14 Sept 2010


“I have been introduced to your Magicool Body Cooler & Freshener” by a colleague in the office and am most impressed by it ”. Miss Madeleine R. Thompson, Enfield , Middx - 4 August 1994

Thank you for your brilliant product MAGICOOL . I work as an airline steward and recently had a passenger who was suffering from heatstroke . MAGICOOL helped save her life. I recommend it to everyone. Thank you very much once again”.

P.T. Younger, Middlesex -16 May 2000