Magicool® 200 ml “Hot Weather Cooler & Freshener” for Body & Car use

UPC Code: 758096251218

Magicool® 75 ml “Body Cooler & Freshener” 75 ml, pocket size

UPC Code: 758096251225

Magicool Plus  Prickly Heat 150 ml, for treating Prickly Heat or Heat Rash.

UPC Code: 758096251270

Magicool Plus Itchy Skin 150 ml, for treating Itchy Skin due to Summer & Seaside Ailments.

UPC Code: 758096251287


Magicool Plus Sunburn 150ml for treating severe and moderate sunburn

UPC Code: 758096101001

Magicool® Product Range comply with the UK, USA and European Safety Regulations. All Magicool ingredients are approved by the FDA in the USA for use in personal care products.